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The days are getting longer and the yellow warm light of the afternoons carries a promise of spring. Now is the perfect time to take out the scrapbooks and start planning your kitchen and patio project to enjoy the results on the summer months to come. What better way to give the space a makeover and help the outdoors to flood in than with large format tiles.

Extend your living area

large format tiles

Most of us would like to have more space but it’s not always within our reach to move houses or to do a big extension. Use up space you already have and make the most of it with some spatial planning and carefully chosen materials.

Do you enjoy having family dinners outdoors on summer evenings? You could extend your kitchen to reach the back of your garden creating a separate barbeque area and making space for a large dining table for everyone to join.

Maybe you are longing for more space to relax in – a new outdoor area turned into a living room with comfortable sofas and soft furnishings. A space to lift your feet up after a busy day. To watch the evening sky with a glass of wine and let the time go by.

Outdoor spa?

Or have you been dreaming about your own outdoor spa? You could pamper yourself and your closest friends every day of the year by creating an excluded area – an indulging haven in your back garden.

If still in doubt whether to start this project here’s another good reason to go forth. By extending your living space to the outdoors you will establish a larger entertainment area for any occasion in your life big or small. With the help of furniture, plants and lighting it can easily be transformed to suit your needs and you can create different zones for the guests to mingle. You won’t have to spend money on hiring a space for an event ever again so this will actually save you some cash.

5 reasons to use large format tiles

  • The same tiles can be used indoors and out in the patio giving a lovely smooth continuous look. You can also use more textured finish outdoors to gain extra grip.
  • Our large format tiles are rectified meaning the manufacturing process guarantees they are even and always the same size. This allows narrow joints and less grout giving an elegant, calm and spacious feel. Not to mention there will be less cleaning of the grout lines.
  • These tiles come in wide range of colours to find your perfect match. As a recommendation don’t choose colour too light for high traffic areas.
  • The large format tiles are very durable and made to last. They are colourfast, scratch resistant, and water, weather and frost proof
  • These are easy to maintain and can take the signs of life. The same cleaning products can be used both indoors and outside.

Even after creating a good foundation with tons of research and inspiration sometimes the tasks ahead might start to feel overwhelming. You can always use a professional designer to give that kick start for the project and make sure the overall process of spatial planning runs smoothly.

Here at Material Plans also offer a design service for no extra cost and are here to help you to pin down the essential decisions.

We have an extensive range of large format tiles for you to choose from! View our range of large format tiles.