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We are delighted to now be supplying Mosaico+ tiles, please look at our new ranges, under our mosaic section.

Mosaic tiles have been around since the third millennia BC and have maintained a fashionable edge right up to the present day and are very much on trend. Mosaics come in a wide range of materials including glass, natural stone, wood and metal. They create the perfect finish to any kitchen or bathroom, and thanks to the variety of beautiful and innovative tiles available, there is a style to suit everyone’s tastes, yet create a personalised look. Whether you choose to use the mosaics in a small area, such as a splashback, or to zone or create a feature focal wall, the range of mosaics available nowadays are so versatile, that you can use them in any design combination or application.

Mosaico + explores all the expressive potential of mosaics, with the aid of an all -Italian production system that combines innovative techniques with an impressive mosaic culture and tradition, specialising and investing in the quality of materials and technology and researching personalised applications and solutions. Conceiving and making mosaics in their own unique way is the philosophy applied in all design, organisational and production processes, representing the company’s true added value.

Mosaico+ is part of the Mapei group, sharing in the business expertise and technical and organisational support this world leader in chemical adhesives for construction has to offer.
Mosaico+ produces mosaics with a variety of chip sizes, in 4, 6, and 8 mm thicknesses. Innovation in form and in the choice of materials, as well as a wide variety and extension of range, characterise the products we offer. All of the collections guarantee the upmost versatility and in many cases, are preconceived to be mixed and matched, becoming a multifaceted matrix that inspires the creation of personalised projects for residential and commercial interiors. Mosaic expresses a new creative energy given concrete form through a structured, modular compositional freedom, in line with the Mosaico+ philosophy of offering single materials, colours and forms and using its experience to guide the process for realisation of “made-to-measure” products.

The concept of a collection intended as an exclusive container is surpassed to expand and stimulate techniques of composition: all the tiles of the various product lines can be selected and recomposed on modular sheets to create personalised combinations or motifs. Mosaic becomes a tool for stimulating fresh creativity, at the service of architects and designers: with the aid of the computerised mosaic technique and the experience of the Mosaico+ Projects Division, made-to-measure decorations and images with almost photographic resolutions can be created starting from the designs featured in the catalogue, or absolutely new on the basis of specific ideas and drawings.